8AWG 15’ red and cable that is blackwe just purchased 1 – we had been able to utilize that which was kept from our case list)

8AWG 15’ red and cable that is blackwe just purchased 1 – we had been able to utilize that which was kept from our case list)

Machine screw + matching hex nut – (we’d some laying around from that knows whenever. You could use a self-tapping metal screw, but we wanted to keep the camper exterior as clean as possible and opted to mount inside-out if you wanted to mount from the outside)

Anti-Oxidant Joint Compound – improves the conductivity of aluminum electrical connections

Grinder/Dremel for cleansing your steel chassis and wall

Drill + bits to complement your screw option

We never ever thought we’d be happy a mouse chewed a gap through our plastic wheel well protect.

But right right here we have been. We’re nothing or even resourceful, i suppose. This small opening, along side a clip, permitted us to stealthily ground our camper. Directly after we utilized the Dremel and grinder to completely clean our mounting areas within the aluminum wall surface as well as on the framework, we pre-drilled a little gap when you look at the aluminum wall surface when preparing for the device screw. We went the 8AWG cable from our negative bus bar down involving the stud and aluminum wall, down through the mouse opening, and beneath the camper towards the base regarding the wall surface. We included heat shrink band connectors on both ends because it would’ve been too tight to thread behind the studs with the fitting already on the end) after we threaded the wire (. We used the anti-oxidant joint compound per the directions on the tube to increase our ground’s conductivity as we threaded our ring connectors onto our mounting screws.

We then made a “jumper” with the 8AWG that is same connecting the camper wall surface into the framework after the exact exact same actions above. After tightening along the hex nut on the exterior wall, we take off the excess device screw into the screws already around our wheel wells so it was flush to the hex nut, and plan on painting over it to blend it.

We confirmed we had been grounded correctly whenever our porch that is 1-wire lightthat grounds through the camper) switched on.

Our expected power usage

It surely aided us make choices about what we needed seriously to purchase by wearing down our calculated power lots in to the under table structure. Maybe perhaps Not super sexy, but very practical into the preparing stages. It aided us not need to always check on multilple web sites for each appliance’s specifications times that are multiple.

We utilized a transformation tool for discovering Watts to Amps to Volts and every combination needed.

Our cabinet shopping that is electrical list

Brace yourselves. This list ain’t cheap, but we’ve added security precautions we now haven’t seen on plenty of campers and beefed up some areas when preparing to grow in the future should we need/want to.

250 terminal that is amp – (sits along with the good region of the battery pack)

Terminal mount fuse block – (what your fuse sits in together with the battery pack)

12AWG colored + length as needed to operate mail order girlfriend your lights/appliances/etc. (we used red, black colored, green and white for the AC and DC wiring)

Temperature gun – we borrowed from a pal, making work that is really quick heat shrinks.

Strippers – we already had some, but you’ll need certainly to have the ability to cut and strip 12AWG, 10AWG, 8AWG and 2AWG wires/cables – (we had been in a position to get away in just gradually clipping the protective casing off the 2AWG in place of buying an independent collection of mega strippers)

Hammer lug crimper – we had been in a position to borrow one from the close buddy which worked very well.

you might like to purchase a hydraulic style crimper (for 2AWG cables) but they’re high priced (about $60) it just this once for us to use.

Area to develop

We don’t intend to install solar panel systems at this time, however with this technique we could constantly include them (and want to) in the future without the need to redo the entire system.