Aww I’m constructed you should get your cheque this week, enjoy! and happy birthday to your daughter for 17th 😁 for you Julie,

Aww I’m constructed you should get your cheque this week, enjoy! and happy birthday to your daughter for 17th 😁 for you Julie,

Just just exactly exactly How did u make it through? Ive rung for last 2 times an the division im getting subjected to to is working at home so theyve sent a message for the call straight right straight back?

Julie Berry states

I’ve been calling this true number 08009166421 after which pushing one for I’m an individual. The first number of times it rang for some time with no one responded then again i acquired a individual.

You can find a phone that is few details for Neil Iveson that could show to be an even more direct along the way for anybody which can be chasing your complaints. Their number that is mobile is 363505. Workplace numbers are 0800 9166 421 or 0330 303 7017 Extn 5246. In addition the number that is mobile Tom Jeffery is 07718 496909. Within our experience we have learnt on any refund you may be legally due that it is better to title loans Nevada deal with this business in correspondence, as phone conversations give them the opportunity of short changing you. Best of luck.

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

We accept Jack. Neil appears to be great at chatting people into thinking they have been obtaining an offer that is good they aren’t.

It’s for you to decide you need to do this with your eyes wide open, not thinking it is most of what you would get from going to the Financial Ombudsman if you want to take a bad offer, but.

This is simply not a loan provider that appears to be in virtually any trouble that is financial all. Their 3rd quarter outcomes today has a single phrase reference to complaints saying these people were up but inside the anticipated figures.

Nearly 17 months of waiting We have simply started initially to contact them twice a its so frustrating week.

Whqt date do provident review loans too?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

The Ombudsman extends back to 2007 april. If Provident say “six years“2010” or” or other things, this is simply not exactly just what FOS does.

Jayne did u have the breakdown by post or e-mail as im waiting to get mines i called up the adviser said he had the amount but couldnt tell me as it was in final stage waiting on manager to approve today

Hi Elaine, we received the breakdown by post Friday that is last and the cheque on Saturday early early morning

Hi all, anybody had any luck with loans in the home. Currently into week 14 whilst still being no improvement. Have actually provided for fos and waiting onto it being acquired.

Kirsty Chapman says

I confirmed that they had not sent all the information via the SARS and they came back with that under GDPR they don’t have ‘all the payslips’ on file, but I’d told them that I’d only provided 1 when I went back to Provident after my partner had his final response. It would appear that these are generally attempting to push the increased exposure of the given individual to provide a lot of proof that’s not required to uphold the complaints, even though We told them that the repayment history shows he had been struggling to maintain with repayments they offered him more loans!! They’ve asked him to supply proof since they do not have record of him saying he had been having difficulty although the deal history demonstrably shows it.

I’m going to mention to your FOS today and content Neil Iveson in and even though he’s not reacted to your past e-mails!

It is so irritating as I experienced my problem handled without difficulty when compared with him, but there’s more cash included and he’s nevertheless spending that loan right back, but while he has dyslexia it is down seriously to me to accomplish the ‘fightie’ emails!! want me personally fortune!