Let me make it clear about Randal Graves

Let me make it clear about Randal Graves

Clerks: The Animated Series

Randal is generally depicted in Clerks: The Animated Series with a magazine that is porn. Their love life is nonexistent into the show (at the very least in an intimate feeling). The relationships that are few had never lasted. In Episode 5, it is revealed their ex-girlfriends had been later therefore sick and tired of males after dating him which they became lesbians.


Randal’s life centers around films, game titles and pornography. Randal is generally quite rude and disrespectful (primarily to clients) and does not actually appear to have much value exactly just exactly what other people think of him. He frequently gets to the video clip shop at the least 15–30 moments late and fees late costs to clients who’ve been waiting around for the shop to open up. Oftentimes, he ignores clients’ needs to suggest a film, describing which he will not meddle along with other individuals affairs (except maybe those of Dante). He’s got been recognized to purchase movies that are porn the shop right in front of kiddies, spit water in clients’ faces, and intrude on personal conversations about intercourse.

Randal’s behavior often times seems contradictory; as an example, he states which he hates individuals but really loves social gatherings, and states, “This work could be great if it just weren’t for the fucking clients.” Such behavior spills into their relationship with Dante, whom he usually coerces into very not likely, theoretical circumstances by manipulating him into experiencing bad. Randal goes down for an analytical concept of one thing outlandish, prior to going to your opposite that is complete. He could additionally possibly end up being the confidant that is worst of them all, usually causing an uproar in Dante’s individual life by spilling tips for those he should not.

He usually quotes discussion and analyzes movies, would go to other video clip shops to rent porn. In Clerks II, it is known that numerous of their intimate exploits are with “barely appropriate pussy” (18-year-old girls), many many thanks in no tiny component with their willingness to be a part of taboo intimate functions (such as for example just exactly what he among others relate to bluntly as ass-to-mouth). The Time as evidenced in a scene in Clerks II, Randal’s favorite band is King Diamond and he is a fan of 80s speed metal and black metal, and dislikes other music, such as the band. He could be an admirer for the novel Catcher within the Rye as it “recognizes the volume that is sheer of within the world” [1]. Randal can be an admirer associated with Star Wars trilogy and Ranger risk, and greatly despises the father of this Rings and Transformers.

Dante Hicks

Despite their insulting means, Randal undoubtedly cares for their friend that is best Dante. He also when thought to Dante’s ex-girlfriend Caitlin “Hey Caitlin. Break their heart once again, and I also’ll destroy ya. absolutely Nothing individual.” Which Caitlin remarks he’s got been extremely protective of Dante. Randal views Dante since the “counterbalance” to your previous’s hatred of others. Randal only would go to fast Stop rather than residing in the video shop to speak with Dante about whatever pops into the mind. Randal does their better to provide whatever advice they can to Dante though Dante generally speaking does not go on it as a result of Randal’s instead way that is rough of it. Randal has additionally experimented with do favors for Dante, although they frequently backfire. For instance, in Clerks II, Randal setup a going-away present for Dante, who had been to move to Florida along with his then-fiancee, Emma. Nonetheless, the show benefits not just in Dante and Randal getting arrested, but Jay and Silent Bob, along with other worker Elias, are arrested aswell. The arrest resulted in a near-breakdown inside their relationship.

He could be additionally usually the cause of the nagging conditions that he and Dante enter into much to Dante’s constant chagrin. The series that is animated this at least one time per episode and that Randal is in charge of many of Dante’s ruined relationships. This trait reaches its apex into the 3rd bout of the Animated show where he nearly gets Leonardo Leonardo destroyed because of the U.S. Air Force after he mistakes the villain’s food poisoning for life-threatening motaba virus.

Brodie Bruce

Randal is related to Brodie Bruce of Mallrats. The 2 share a mutual “Cousin Walter,” that is recognized for doing strange intimate functions, such as for example masturbating on a crashing aircraft and ultimately killing himself while trying to perform autofellatio. Both Brodie and Randal additionally mention tales regarding their grandmother. Brodie once talked about she became a lesbian on the sixtieth birthday celebration, while Randal talked about as a essay writing service online child that she used racial slurs in front of him. The scenario that is latter Randal into making use of the term “porch monkey” in the front of a African US few while working at Mooby’s. Nevertheless, Randal would not understand when this occurs he used the term “porch monkey” to refer to lazy people of all racial backgrounds in general that he used a racial slur and claimed.


The smoothness of Randal ended up being mostly praised by experts and audiences and it is primarily considered among the best figures into the View Askewniverse. Chris Smith within the ny days described Randal as being a “smart-ass”, while numerous reviewers have actually described him being a “super slacker”. Into the very first movie and the cartoon. Peter Travers that has offered Clerks 4 away from 4 stars, praised Anderson’s “deadpan comic brilliance”