Midsummer Fire Festival. The Midsummer Fire Festival is just a Hearthstone event themed around Ragnaros the Firelord.

Midsummer Fire Festival. The Midsummer Fire Festival is just a Hearthstone event themed around Ragnaros the Firelord.

The Midsummer Fire Festival is a Hearthstone event themed around Ragnaros the online installment IN Firelord.

The very first Fire Festival lasted between July 5 and July 19, 2017 and showcased unique emotes as well as the themed Tavern Brawl Ragnaros’ Fire Festival, along with causing all quests finished throughout the occasion to reward twice their regular number of gold. The Fire Festival had been instantly followed closely by the Frost Festival, an event alternatively themed around Ragnaros’ competing Ahune.

The Fire Festival came back in 2018 and lasted from July 16 to July 30, 2 featuring most of the exact exact same features because the version that is previous addition to your brand brand brand new PvE Tavern Brawl A Brawl of Fire and Ice. 3

A similar event tying into the ongoing narrative of the Year of the Dragon in 2019, the Fire Festival was replaced by the Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. For more information, see Fire Fest-E.V.I.L..

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In realm of Warcraft, the Midsummer Fire Festival is a global occasion which persists from belated June to very early July. Through the occasion, bonfires, tents and ribbon poles are arranged in areas around the world. Players can honor their very own faction’s bonfires, desecrate the opposing faction’s, take the bonfires from enemy money towns and cities, and perform tasks like juggling or tossing torches to get Burning Blossoms, a currency utilized to acquire unique animals, toys, heirlooms, food products and Midsummer-themed clothes. Players also can dancing all over ribbon poles to achieve a short-term buff to experience gain.

Throughout the length of the big event, players also can help the shamanic Earthen Ring in uncovering and intercepting a plot because of the sinister Twilight’s Hammer cult to incite a devastating war between Ragnaros the Firelord and Ahune the Frost Lord, which may lay waste to Azeroth. Players can journey in to the Slave Pens in Outland and battle Ahune straight for the possibility at unique cloak items, a miniature ice elemental animal and a number of Burning Blossoms.

While Ragnaros is referenced many times through the event, such as for example in the aforementioned Twilight’s Hammer plot plus in the type of Summer Scorchlings — tiny fire elementals which, upon being offered a unique incense by players, briefly transform in to a “Wisp of Ragnaros” and provide players a glimpse associated with the Firelord himself — the Lord of Fire isn’t the focus regarding the Midsummer Fire Festival to your exact same level that he’s within the vacation’s Hearthstone counterpart.


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