Divine visitation is, when the heaven intervenes in the affairs of a man to bring about drastic and dramatic turnaround in that man’s situation.

Divine visitation turns promises and prophecies into manifestation, destinies are fulfilled and tangible results are seen.

Today, at this our Family, Friends and Faith Sunday couple with an apostolic visitation and ministrations to our Province by our beloved Continental Overseer Pastor Ayo Adeloye and our Mummy Pastor Olaore Adeloye.
Also visiting with them is also our Assistant Continental Overseer 1 Pastor Lekan Martins and his wife Pastor Sesi Martins.

We believe that our life can never remain the same after this divine visitation. The ‘Divine Shift’ we need in our lives, families, our Parishes and Province will surely come when God arrange a “Divine Visitation” for us.

Hence, the time of Divine visitation is the period when our expectations are delivered to us before time in the presence of God. Divine visitation is the answer to every form of frustration, stagnation and retrogression as we move forward in this year 2024orward.

Abraham and Sarah’s discernment and hospitality to three visitors who came to them by the oaks of Mamre Mamre in Genesis 18 cause a sudden good turnaround in their lives as Isaac was born, – long- awaited and expected laughter came.

I pray today that the Lord will resolve long-standing issues of our life as I encourage you to pls come around to join us on this mountain of supplication.
May all our previous labour give way to outstanding divine favour.
May all our season of Sincere Intentions receive Divine Attention without any rejection.
May we have continous seasons of celebration void of lamentation.
May our time of expectation turn into practical manifestations.

Surely, we will all sing our song, we will all dance our dance and we will all shout our shout for joy.

Gets ready for absolute Victory this Sunday of Visitation and Intervention in Jesus mighty name.